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Bobby Arts is a Europe-based interior design and construction company specialized in furnishing homes, offices, and showrooms for an upscale look with the desired comfort. With a vast experience in architecture and interior designing, we pick premium-quality furniture and flooring, and a combination of exquisite carpets and curtains for the rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms of your home or office.

We offer our high-quality interior designing services in Europe, Middle-East, and various Gulf countries. Our furnishing equipment is of the top-quality and the personnel working at Bobby Arts is highly professional and dedicated to their work in making your surrounding areas beautiful.

Aiming to be the top interior designer and construction company in Russia, we provide modern furniture at the best price to make your environment your favorite place to spend time.

At Bobby Arts, your expectations will meet the aesthetic designs with the architecture and furniture crafted to perfection to elevate your lifestyle.

What we do


Keeping your requirements at priority, our world-class designers give a fresh look to your surroundings. We strive to achieve individuality in every project while designing homes, apartments, offices, clinics, hospitals, and restaurants. Live in a better place with Bobby Arts!


When you’re at Bobby Arts, the fulfillment of commitment is guaranteed. Timely execution of the contracts with the finest designs and the best construction work is the reason why our clients trust our architecture and design services


From the furniture, carpets, tables, chairs and sofa sets to the doors, ceiling, kitchen, and bathrooms, we furnish your realm with luxurious furniture as per your expectation and desires. We also deal in handmade classic furniture crafted to enhance the beauty of your environment.


Explore the showcase of our modern furniture designs, curtains, carpets, and elegant sofas and armchairs to give a fresh and dazzling look to your environment. We deliver the best architecture and construction work at the hands of expert interior designers. You can also order classic furniture from Europe within 45 days to revamp your surrounding with gorgeous designs at the best price.

Our design portfolio consists of furniture from Italy, Spain, England, America, and Europe. Fulfilling all the requirements of our clients, our gallery also includes redwood furniture and Braco furniture having hand-made as well as machine-made designs on various furniture items. It’s time to bring some of the most exquisite designs into your homes, offices, showrooms, hotels, and hospitals.

At Bobby Arts, we work with a mission to make your living extremely complacent for you no matter what it takes to deliver your desired comfort. Standing among one of the fastest construction companies in Russia, our deft architects and designers will depict the best construction work with distinctly stylish designs.

Step into the Bobby Arts studio and experience a whole new level of satisfaction and comfort with the best interior designs laid out exclusively for you!



Interior designing is never considered just a job at Bobby Arts. It’s our passion to give a ravishing appeal to your surroundings. It’s our dedication that enables us to create outstanding designs. That’s the reason why Bobby Arts is trusted as the leading interior design and construction company in Europe and Middle-East countries.

Whether you require modern furniture or classic hand-made furniture, we understand your taste and design your rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms with elegant flooring, carpets, ceiling, and window styles.

Furnishing and designing are at its best when done by Bobby Arts !

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